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B4B Solutions offers a wide range of technology services to meet the needs of small businesses. Our goal is to help organizations achieve their vision and business objectives through the effective use of technology. By focusing on the organization's vision and business goals, we are able to effectively assist our clients in technology planning and support their ongoing needs. Our management and technical staff draw from years of experience in the technology field to ensure satisfaction and results. We consider our relationships with our clients as highly valued partnerships and are committed to providing high-level service while offering fair rates and remaining sensitive to budgetary constraints. As part of this commitment to service, our consultants are trained in a wide range of technologies and adhere to a strict set of service standards. These standards ensure consistency, communication, and accessibility when clients need it. They are designed to provide an overall level of service that exceeds that of our competition.

As a full-service technology consulting firm, we are able to offer a wide array of services including complete IT outsourcing. This strategy has proven to reduce the risk, time and resource considerations related to internal staffing. With career paths and growth opportunities in many organizations for IT professionals limited, turnover is a constant issue. Outsourcing these tasks alleviates the time and money spent associated with recruiting, hiring and training employees, making turnover a non-issue. By outsourcing IT operations to B4B Solutions, our clients are able to focus on their core business, knowing that key IT functions are being properly managed and maintained.

Our services include:

Technology Planning and Management Services

B4B Solutions can provide high-level leadership augmentation or serve as your Virtual CIO. As part of this role, we can assist your organization in building and executing a technology plan as well as providing other high-level technology services.
Our Technology Planning and Management services include:

  • Development of IT Organizational Structure.
  • Technology Plan Development and Execution.
  • Technology Budgeting.
  • Documentation.
  • Technology / Security Policies and Procedures.
  • Management Planning and Status Reporting.

Management Consulting

B4B Solutions Management Consulting practice helps our clients to identify, define, align, structure, implement and support business leadership and change. Our consultants are certified in their professional fields (PMPA®) and average over 11 years of multi-disciplinary experience that includes large and small company operations. We know you want to use consultants who have seen and done it before. We help you apply this experience as you evolve and encounter new challenges.

Through our services, we help you:

  • Trim costs.
  • Reduce time.
  • Minimize risk.
  • Improve delivery.
  • Maximize solution value and quality.
  • Enhance efficiency.
  • Reinforce structure and focus.

IT Strategy

B4B Solutions senior management executives and managing consultants work with our clients to evaluate and develop realistic and attainable technology strategies. Our customized strategy development process uses interviews, facilitated sessions, and a team-building approach that features a variety of methodologies and approaches to help you:

  • Articulate your business strategy.
  • Develop short and long term technology direction to complement and support your business strategy.
  • Translate technology direction into actionable technology objectives.
  • Create customized roadmaps to guide realization of technology goals.
  • Define and implement tactical objectives and projects.

Project and Program Management

Project Management is one of the hottest trends in IT practice improvement with good reason. Your company's investment in technology and professional staff will be wasted unless sound processes and methods are both in place and followed.

B4B Solutions base of experienced project management consultants are experts at reducing project management risk. Most of our consultants are PMP certified and all have an extensive background in managing enterprise and large to moderately sized projects. B4B Solutions offers services that address not only project management tools but also the people and the processes that support successful project implementation. We can help lead you to:

  • Evaluate your program management and project management practices.
  • Design and implement a Program/Project Management Office.
  • Create Project Management Competency Assessments and Development Programs.
  • Analyze your IT processes and their implementation, including critical project structuring, risk, issue and change management processes.
  • Review your project management supporting technology selection and implementation.
  • Develop and deploy Project Manager Coaching and Mentoring Programs for individuals and teams.
  • Assess your IT organization to identify recommendations and help with their implementation.
  • Engage Best Practices and Strategic Project Portfolio management.

New Business/Client Intake Strategy and Technologies

B4B Solutions has advised numerous law firms on effective ways to manage the process of new business intake and conflicts. From our experience in this area, B4B Solutions consultants have developed best practices for organization, process and technology to provide better risk control, reductions in write-offs, optimized attorney time and a more productive administrative staff. We enable our clients to take on the most business possible while still accurately measuring and effectively managing risk.

Our services will help guide you to:

  • Document your current new business intake and conflicts practices and the concerns of those using the system.
  • Analyze the current model to ascertain whether it supports the firm's stated business strategy, goals and risk tolerance.
  • Evaluate your staffing model, skill and training levels, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify high-potential improvement opportunities across all aspects of new business intake and conflicts resolution, including policies, processes, procedures, rules triggers, existing technology and new solutions.
  • Recommend solutions consistent with "best practices" to take advantage of the opportunities identified.
  • Develop an implementation strategy for moving forward with needed changes.
  • Assist in the creation of policies, processes, training programs and design specifications that are flexible to adapt to future requirements.
  • Manage the implementation of improvements.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

B4B Solutions provides comprehensive business continuity planning, technical solution architecture and implementation services. Our structured methodology addresses risk mitigation and business recovery planning for people, process, organization and technology. As part of this process, we will work with the administrative and technical management teams to assess the Firm's current recovery capability, and then define practical and cost-effective business and technology recovery strategies. Once the strategies are defined, we will assist in the development of the business continuity plan to address technology and operations recovery, as well as displaced employees.

Our services include:

  • Business Continuity/Recovery Capability Assessment.
  • Business Continuity Plan Development.
  • Data Replication and Mirroring.
  • High Availability Application Architecture Planning.
  • Backup and Data Recovery.
  • Co-location/Secondary Data Center Selection.
  • Clustering and Virtualization.

Solution and Vendor Selection

B4B Solutions helps reduce costs and increase value by structuring the solution/vendor selection and management process to support informed decisions. We work with you to define your business needs, and then translate that information into system requirements using a structured format that facilitates quantitatively and qualitatively measuring and differentiating prospective vendors and their solutions. We also assist in negotiating contracts and identifying standards to ensure that the selected vendors deliver the expected solutions. B4B Solutions can guide In-source/Outsource decisions using rating/ranking analysis, requirements definition and implementation plans.

To help guide your next vendor engagement or solution decision, B4B Solutions consultants can:

  • Develop structured vendor selection plans.
  • Effectively utilize RFIs, RFPs, rating and ranking selection criteria, and requirements matrices.
  • Apply vendor evaluation toolsets.
  • Provide independent and objective vendor evaluations.
  • Conduct contract negotiations.
  • Manage implementations.

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