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Business Intelligence

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Organizations use Business Intelligence to turn collections of data into strategic and operational assets. After years of automating manual processes and integrating stove-pipe systems, companies realize that the data stored by their IT systems have tremendous value. Investing in Business Intelligence helps companies leverage their data assets to improve their performance. Business Intelligence addresses all functional areas and roles within a company, such as key metrics for executives, in-depth analytics for power-users, drill-down capabilities for analysts, or comprehensive reporting for line managers. Deployments of Business Intelligence can occur at the enterprise or departmental level and enjoy high success rates and ROI.
B4B solutions offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence solutions, ranging from architecture design to data quality assessments and full lifecycle implementations. Clients across many industries engage B4B Solutions consulting teams to evaluate tools, manage projects, define requirements, model data, and implement solutions.

B4B Solutions Business Intelligence specialties include:

Data Warehousing

Building a flexible, comprehensive repository of transaction data and structuring it for advanced reporting and analysis is what Data Warehousing is all about. Companies that successfully use Business Intelligence to improve their performance typically start with a solid data warehouse as a foundation. B4B Solutions approach to Data Warehousing is unique since we view it as a means to an end, instead of the end itself. Our consulting teams have delivered a wide variety of data warehouse solutions, ranging from stand-alone data marts to robust, 3-tier implementations using best-of-breed technologies. Our proven methodology provides the rigor and structure needed to deliver high-quality results that are timely and cost-effective.

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Vehicle Tracking System

B4B VTS is a Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System, designed and manufactured in India primarily for individual customers and small business.

Weigh Bridge Fraud Management System

B4B WBFMS is an Industrial Weigh Bridge Fraud Management Solution for all Industrial WeighBridge customers in India.

Dashboards and Scorecards

B4B Solutions works with companies to put strategy into action through the automation of Norton & Kaplan's Balanced Scorecard and other performance management frameworks. We pick up where traditional management consultants leave off and lead our clients through an accelerated process to

detail the key performance indicators, identify the required data sources, and design a solution that integrates with the existing environment. B4B Solutions consulting teams bring a strong combination of business and technical skills to Dashboard & Scorecard engagements, which is critical for successfully delivering solutions for corporate executives. Our implementation experience spans industries and functional areas, as well as a variety of tools and platforms.

Data Mining

Organizations with mature data management environments often wonder how to squeeze additional value from their existing data. Using the advanced optimization and rule-induction algorithms of Data Mining, companies have identified market opportunities and internal improvements that have dramatically impacted their profitability. Data Mining can answer a variety of questions for companies, such as telling you the kinds of customers that are most profitable and how to acquire them; which of your customers are likely to move to your competition; who should be targeted with your next advertising campaign and how that campaign should be carried out; and what combinations of products a customer is likely to buy. B4B Solutions integrates the Data Mining algorithms with existing software to improve the quality of the answer sets. This approach means that companies do not have to replace their existing systems to benefit from this advanced technology. The result is a less-invasive implementation process and faster access to the rich analysis that companies can then act upon to improve their business.

Online Analytical Processing

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions allow users to perform trend, comparative, and time-based analysis. These applications enable data exploration of pre-calculated and summarized data along multiple business dimensions. Users can explore the data first at a summary level, then drill down through the data hierarchy to examine increasingly granular levels of detail. B4B Solutions works with the leading OLAP tools to implement high-impact solutions for our clients in key areas such as Sales, Operations and Finance. These solutions typically leverage existing Data Warehousing infrastructures, though direct access to the source system is also possible.

Query & Reporting

Query & Reporting applications allow users to access, navigate, and report on a wide range of corporate data, typically to explain the current state of operations. These applications are developed using powerful tools that pull aggregated data captured by transaction systems. B4B Solutions approach enables clients to quickly create reports without understanding the underlying database language, connectivity, or functionality. The reports can then be distributed using a variety of methods, including subscription-basis email or via posting to an online portal accessed through a corporate intranet or secure extranet.