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Software Development

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By effectively leveraging .NET and J2EE technologies, and SOA architectures, our solutions allow organizations to achieve optimum performance and ROI by delivering maximum business value. The solutions we develop typically follow the standardized Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Phases of Discovery, Design and Architecture, Development, Deployment and Support.

Our solutions provide:

Custom Application Development and Integration

Our experienced and certified team of architects, developers, project managers, quality assurance and testing professionals have developed quality .NET and J2EE based applications for our clients across a variety of industries. The solutions we have developed have been scalable, extensible, integrated and reusable providing a much greater value and ROI for our clients, due to our non-invasive approach towards existing enterprise information systems.

Intranet and Portal Solutions

Our Portal solutions address our clients' business needs for information sharing and collaboration both within the firm and the outside world. Our solutions based on .NET and J2EE, have created integrated e-Commerce web sites, intranets and extranets for our clients. These solutions enable effective communication between employees, departments, internal and external collaboration groups as well as business and alliance partners.

About B4B



Vehicle Tracking System

B4B VTS is a Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System, designed and manufactured in India primarily for individual customers and small business.

Weigh Bridge Fraud Management System

B4B WBFMS is an Industrial Weigh Bridge Fraud Management Solution for all Industrial WeighBridge customers in India.

Enterprise Application Integration and Management

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Our EAI solutions provide our clients with the integration of processes and systems through real-time information sharing utilizing standard integration technologies. This integration allows diverse applications and platforms to communicate with each other seamlessly. Utilizing the open standards of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and SOAP (Single Object Access Protocol), BizTalk's.NET ready architecture eliminates the barriers between diverse systems, and provides a flexible, seamless information infrastructure that connects people to the information they need, no matter where they are or what device they are using.
  • Application Management
  • We provide a flexible array of tailored options (from maintenance and support of B4B Solutions developed applications to entire application portfolio outsourcing) to address the ongoing management of our clients' application environment including web-based, client/server or legacy applications. This service also includes solutions hosting and maintenance on an ASP model if needed.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Our software testing solutions provide our clients test planning, execution, automation, documentation and closure. These services allow our clients to manage and deploy quality applications that require enhancements and maintenance releases. Using our testing solution will allow the application to reach the business in a timely manner while remaining cost-effective.To view the steps followed by B4B solutions team click here TESTING STEPS.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI solutions provide clients with business process analysis, system design, implementation, integration and automation strategies, trading partner management, custom development, QA testing, maintenance and support. Our approach to EDI solutions goes far beyond the technology. We understand that an EDI solution is a mission critical extension of your business. Utilizing a client specific approach, implementing industry best practices, we are able to provide efficient and scalable EDI solutions capable of utilizing new technologies and complying with trading partner equirements. B4B Solutions is committed to providing EDI solutions that improve the business relationships between our clients and their customers and vendors.